Ferocious noises.

I thought I better start practising my scary voice, in case anyone tries to attack Mummy, Daddy, the ginger thing or me. One day it might be important for me to save everyone.

So I’m working on this.

What do you think?


Farty Feet

Carl, my Deity Of Your Choosing Father came over for the weekend. (Mummy & Daddy like kidnapping him). He has lots of cool music iPad apps. And he let me make farty sounds with my feet. It was HILARIOUS!!!11

It was my feet, but it sounded like nappernoises!



Isis and the dinosaur









Isis and the dinosaur are very good friends

When they have a fight they always make amends

Then they do their alphabet and count up to ten

Cos Isis and the dinosaur are very good, very good, very good, very good friends.

To the end.