Sorry for the lack of blogging…

I’m a bit poorly and Mummy and Daddy took me to the doc on Friday and I have some kind of infection and am on penicillin. Daddy thought it might be strawberry or banana flavour like he remembered from being little. But it is pretty rank. I am taking it anyway like a brave girl.


Grandma bought me a mobile

I LOVE it! It has cranes on it (which are a symbol of good luck in Sweden, which is where the nice man that made the mobile lives).

As you can tell, I am pretty darn captivated with it. They move in such a calming way.

They make me very happy indeed.


Silly Daddy

I heard about the atrocities in Ferguson. So I was doing a little ‘black power’ sign to show my solidarity to the poor people there getting shot and stuff.

Daddy didn’t get this and did a silly voice over on this video. I have told him about what I was trying to do now. He feels a bit stupid for not getting it. He said he didn’t think I would be politically active at four weeks. How wrong he was.



Daddy found these pics just after I was born. Mummy always seems to have perfect nails. Mine were a little long when I arrived.

I’m sure she’ll teach me how to do mine so they are as pretty as hers soon, just after I get my ears pierced next week.

Isis Jennings nails2